How to Make a Basic Website in Less than an Hour

Over the years, building a website has become much easier and quicker. Today, it’s entirely possible to put together a basic website in under an hour. At least if you know the basic tools you will need for the job.

Today, I am going to cover the steps to build a basic website in less time than it takes you to go out to dinner at a restaurant.

What Is A Basic Website?

Now a basic website can mean a lot of things. It could refer to the designs behind it, the features it offers, or even the content it produces. So to clarify, I am describing a website that is functional and nothing more.

The website will use a preset appearance, and not have any advanced features.

Note: You should not build an eCommerce website this quickly. There is nothing basic about the setup process of one, and it can lead to a variety of mistakes that could cost you money or customers.

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